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    TRANDEROSL’s contribution to our nation’s transportation and energy industries has been a remarkable success and is one of the most exiting adventures we've explored to date. Connecting our two most important industries for sustainability and resilience was by no means the easiest undertaking we have embarked on thus far.

    We have long recognized our transportation industry as the primary platform or “Axis” that our 20 industries and their over 1,500 sectors revolve upon or within. Because of this recognition, we have named our transportation industry’s plan, “Dimension One.”

    Additionally, our nation’s energy industry is responsible for supplying power to all sectors. Consequently, because our energy industries critical role is supplying oil, lubricants, petroleum and electricity to our transportation industry, we have recognized this industry as the second most vital sector of our nation.

    Because of this recognition, we have named our energy industry “Dimension five.” Both our transportation and energy industries are inseparable and are strategically significant. Therefore, the strategic placement of resources within a safer and more manageable environment offers our best opportunities for securing our nation’s energy resources and our transportation industry.

    Rebuilding our transportation and energy industries for sustainability and resilience, guarantees our long-term success for the most efficient energy and transportation systems. TRANDERSOL’s innovations make this transformation possible.

    This is what we can do; this is what America must do. Let’s come together to begin to build today for our great American future. Let’s build – it’s time!

    TRANDERSOL: Transcending Energy Solutions