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    Strategic Investments

    Our strategic investment services are broad-based, dynamic and interconnected instruments that require major capital funding, in most cases.

    Careful steps are taken in the drafting stages for each client or project to ensure the right projects are undertaken. We discourage projects that do not meet with our intrinsically sound goals. The factors we consider when investing involve the project’s positive/negative impacts on local and global environments, the prevailing political climate, regional and global markets, the availability of resources, competitiveness, leverage capabilities and the stability of each environment or region in question.

    While TRANDERSOL's services and products contribute to resilient and sustainable economic growth in national, regional and local infrastructure platforms, our core goals are: increased efficiency in transportation, resources distribution and storage, the creation of jobs and long-term economic development. We do not offer or engage in financial trading, nor do we offer financial advice or services for individuals, corporations, governments or any of our clients, regarding market trade, investment portfolio management or monetary advice that is outside the scope of our core goals.

    Our talent for developing the infrastructures of our primary sectors and negotiating the resources needed to fund and support them captures and enhances our client’s visions, to ensure stability and success in a global market place that is projected to grow economies by an average of 4.75 percent annually within the next 30 years.

    TRANDERSOL’s bold, aggressive and innovative solutions offer the best opportunities for protecting and advancing our nation, for future generations and centuries to come.