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    In a world where innovations and technological advances have been at the forefront on change, TRANDERSOL’s innovative breakthroughs in transportation and energy infrastructures and systems platforms are opening up bold new pathways for the future. We embrace innovation, pioneer bold paths by creating sustainable and resilient infrastructure platforms and systems, innovative economic solutions and policies that are designed to ensured resiliency for centuries.

    It is critical that our nation embark on these new and innovative concepts for long-term sustainability and resilience because it changes how we travel into the future with a growing population that is expected to reach 410 million people by the year 20145 and 600 million by the year 2120.

    These solutions have taken over a decade of encapsulation from my vision. The project is now ready for authorization, implementation and build-out. Its impact on our economy will trigger in a projected 6,63 percent GDP annual growth for the first 30 years. Additionally, the second and third phases of the build-out will contribute 6.21 percent GDP annually to our economy over the systems 500 years lifetime and operation.

    The economic reference for this national endeavor is the Plan and its adaptation of our current economic contributors. This infusion of the projected capital expenditure is expected to generate over $80 trillion dollars annually in GDP upon the completion of the first two phases. This amount is projected to increase to $94 trillion annually when all the domestic and global phases have shifted from construction to full throttle operation.

    The impact of this national infrastructure endeavor on our economy will felt for generations and centuries, because it will provide sustained jobs and economic growth, better quality standard of living for all Americans, free and affordable healthcare for all, free education including college, a well-safeguarded nation through our economic gains and greatly improved national security and will no doubt raise the economic and social wellbeing standards of our domestic and global communities for centuries.

    The vision for long-term sustainability and resilience will be achieved because of the Plan and our collective will, courage and effort to build better than we have ever built, work harder than we have ever worked, sacrifice more than we have ever sacrificed to gain far more than we have ever gained, and prosper more than we have ever prospered in our nation’s history.

    This is what we can do; this is what America must do. Let’s come together to embark on this long and clearly guided journey of this American century, and let’s begin to build today for our great American future and our future generations. Let’s build – it’s time!