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    We are innovators. Our primary goal is to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the United States for generations to come.

    TRANDERSOL was incorporated on July 13, 2011 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has since been instrumental in its significant accomplishments in designing dimensions of innovative, sustainable and resilient multi-faceted, multi-modal and multi-functional infrastructures and systems. Our company has worked tirelessly in crafting economic formulas to fund a national endeavor, while designing policies to ensure proper governance of this endeavor during our proposed three 30-year build-out phases of this project.

    Mr. Clive Walker, CEO of TRANDERSOL LLC, is the architect of our Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan (“a comprehensive national plan”) of infrastructure and economic overhaul for sustainability and resilience of the United States of America.

    This Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan (EDERP) is designed to ensure the generation of over $80 trillion dollars annually in gross domestic products (GDP), and the creation of 75 million new jobs across all industries and sectors. It is expected to include no bid funding for all states and territories, guaranteed no bid contracts for all businesses, an assured return on investments (ROI) for investors, offset buy in and global resource leverage formulas to ensure the preservation of supplies and long-term global partnerships for our national overhaul.

    The encapsulation of this vision of the EDERP took many decades of research and development of countless models and formulas in theory and practice, the study of our nation's geography from a physical review, aerial topographical and the seismic relations to our current and proposed subsurface and surface infrastructures.

    Mr. Walker's extensive research process included traveling to 26 states, and surveying close to one million miles of highways, bridges, tunnels, interstates, local roads, airports, overpasses, nuclear and fossil fuel operated power plants, inland rivers, coastlines, borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as manufacturing industrial zones in Michigan, Buffalo NY, Ohio and other states. Our CEO also gathered historical data from various sources, and citizens across many communities and sectors. These individuals included students, teachers, presidents, vice presidents and house representatives to name a few.

    In addition to our many achievements; TRANDERSOL has hosted two economic forums and has been represented in panel discussions, community forums, featured in the media, and presented in the offices of the Governors of Florida and Michigan, all other governors, local mayors and commissioners, industry CEO’s and business owners. The EDERP has also been introduced to the Speaker of the Hose of Representatives, former Presidents Clinton and Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, the brief outline of the Plan that was presented to Mr. Donald Trump on April 10, 2012 and current President Trump that include the United States border economic control system (USBECS) aka “the border wall”.

    TRANDERSOL has embraced an inclusive approach to engaging all 20 industries’ over 1,500 sectors for this massive build-out that will be under way once our proposed Plan has been authorized for implementation.

    Our long-term approach taken at TRANDERSOL is to carefully validate and consolidate responsible practices that are not profit-driven. TRANDERSOL has met and exceeded our current industries’ standards as well as our Presidents’ mandates for creating efficient, sustainable, resilient cost-effective infrastructures and systems. TRANDERSOL creates solutions. Let's build. Its time!

    What We Do


    CEO of Trandersol Clive Walker
    Clive Walker

    Thank you for visiting TRANDERSOL’s website.

    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I announce the official launch of TRANDERSOL’s website and the upcoming release of my proposal, the Eight-Dimensional Economic Recovery Plan, (“EDERP” or “the Plan”), a national infrastructure and economic platform for the United States.

    EDERP proposes a bold national endeavor, the rebuilding and reconfiguring of our transportation, energy, manufacturing and recycling infrastructures, as well as other related systems’ networks, to ensure the fundamental sustainability and resiliency of our nation, rather than depending on our primarily speculative market systems and short-term solutions.

    The Plan redefines America's roles in governance and national security, which is embedded within our economic security, and will secure our role as global leader for the twenty-first century and beyond. Instead of throwing billions of dollars into disparate infrastructure projects, the Plan proposes an entirely different approach that ensures our long-term sustainability and resilience; a massive national overhaul that will be achieved over three 30-year build-out phases, resulting in a system designed to operate for 500-years, a system that pays for itself while generating revenue for needed updates.

    Since August of 2011, I have already begun to lay the groundwork for the authorization and implementation of this proposal by sending former Presidents Clinton and Obama as well as President Trump summaries of EDERP and its many dynamic formulas for revitalizing our nation’s economy. Additionally, members of the Congress, House, Senate, Executive branch, governors of all states, local municipal leaders, corporate executives and citizens are in receipt of the Plan, and have been made aware of EDERP through forums, e-mail correspondences, workshops, and panel discussions involving these topics:

    • Collaboration with unions to facilitate the smooth implementation of the national endeavor through cohesive and collective understanding;
    • Evaluating and restructuring permitting standards and systems for more efficient processing of permits to reduce time and cost of projects and the proposed national endeavor;
    • Establishing a central infrastructure and investment headquarters, a funding and national operations center, regional HUBS for environmental, economic and infrastructure monitoring and management; and
    • Regional multi-functional, multi-faceted and multi-modal transportation HUBS integrating our aviation, marine and rail transportation infrastructures and systems.

    These stated objectives are achievable because of the Plan’s innovative solutions and our nation’s undaunted will and courage to come together to build a great America for generations to come.

    Let’s come together and begin to build today for our great American future. This is what we can do, this is what America must do, so let’s come together and let’s build for ourselves and our future generations for centuries to come.

    Thank you, may God bless you and may he bless the United States of America.

    Sincerely yours,
    Signature of Clive Walker
    Clive Walker, CEO